Thursday, October 30, 2014

Aaryanna Is 10 Months & 4 Days Old!

Little A turned 10 months old a couple of days ago, and she currently has 4 teeth which I can't seem to get a picture of because she is sooooo fidgety now! She can currently stand up by herself and walk around with help. Isn't it funny how one day our babies can't even flip themselves, and the next they're crawling and running around the house. It has been so much joy watching her grow and learn.
Little A screamin' at me cos I took my book away from her, hahaha.
Happy Little A playing with my book.
Blur picture but I find this absolutely hilarious! Just check out her expression, hehe.

/ Pictures from 11 September 2014

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Face Shop | Raspberry Roots X 1st Million Special Anniversary

1st Million Special Anniversary

The Face Shop celebrated their 1st Million Special anniversary last month at 1-Altitude, located just beside Raffles Place mrt. 
I've only been to 1-Altitude at night before and it was the first time I was there in the day. The place is just as gorgeous in the day, as it is at night. 

Check out the view from Level 61 (During the day)!
Pretty, isn't it?  
Checkin' our their Raspberry Roots range which consists of their sleeping mask & eye gel which I find extremely useful especially for people who work or get home late on a day-to-day basis. Will post a review on the items up really soon so stay tuned *wink*
Fenny Yolanda & Sheron Lee

We were served everything in Raspberry flavours! From the drinks to the ice cream & finger food!
Totally missin' the raspberry ice cream! Psst... all of us had 2-3 cups of it *Runs & hides*
Fenny Yolanda, Angeline Yeh, Sara Shatelle Lim
The view at Altimate during the night is way too majestic. These pictures are nothing like the view in real life. I wish I'd brought my dslr along so I could take better pictures. 

1 Raffles Place (Former UOB Center)
Singapore 048616

The Face Shop

Zalora | Fashion Magazine In Singapore

From fashion features to season must-haves, this Zalora's magazine is one website I'd be frequeting very very often - Especially on days that I have no idea what to wear!
No idea on what to wear on halloween?
Check out Zalora's Fashion Magazine for Halloween must-haves this season!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A Noodle Story | The FIRST & ONLY Singapore-Style Ramen In Town

"The FIRST & ONLY Singapore-style ramen in town. Showcasing super springy noodles tossed in the special aromatic dressing accompanied with Hong Kong-style wontons, soy-flavoured hot spring egg, meltingly tender cha-su & a crispy potato wrapped prawn. Beautifully garnished with freshly sliced scallions & red pepper. I swear this bowl of ramen wins many ramen stalls hands down - AND IT'S PRICED AT ONLY $5.50 Can't wait to try it already? Stay tuned to my blogpost @ to find out where you can find this SPECIAL bowl of Singapore-style ramen! *Slurps*"

Posted this photo on my instagram (@xoangeline) about a week ago and had many asking me where this place is so...

*Drum roll*






A Noodle Story 
Inspired by modern European techniques & Asian flavours, A Noodle Story was born after much relentless refinement to the recipe. This simple yet complicated dish is specially created to suit local taste buds.

You'd never expect where they're located at
Tucked away in a corner at a double storey building food center?!?!?!

When I first heard about the location, I was like wt*? Are you sure it's at a hawker center?
I mean, just look at that bowl of noodles - Looks like it's from some jap restaurant, no?
I'm so bad with food descriptions & I know I'm always saying it's either good or bad but I swear this bowl of ramen is just pure goodness. I have nothing bad to say about it at all?!?! IT IS SO DAMN GOOD. (I feel like going back for another bowl right as I'm typing this. Damn.) My favourite is definitely the potato-wrapped prawn. Haven't eaten anything as good as this. And the egg, omg, the egg is just PERFECT! 

Only negative thing I have to say is, the location AND that they're closed on weekends :(  
Just a heads up, it can get really warm in the hawker center so try to wear something light if you're planning to head down. 

Even if you don't fancy or like ramen, I urge all of you to give this bowl of noodles a try. 
Who knows, you might even come back for more.


Amoy Street Food Center
7 Maxwell Road

Operating hours:
Mon - Fri: 11AM-7:30PM
*Closed from 2:30PM-3:30PM for cleaning
Closed on weekends & public holidays

Tel: +65 9027 6289