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Threadlift With Halley Medical Aesthetics

Friday, May 11, 2018
I often envy people for their high nose bridges, something which I feel I lack. I have always wanted a high nose bridge, so I made another trip down to Halley Medical Aesthetics to speak with the clinic’s director, Dr. Terence Tan. I explained to him what I wanted, a high nose bridge and sharper nose tip, BUT without surgery, and he recommended me the PDO threadlift.  
I often hear of people going for fillers to enhance their nose. Hyaluronic acid fillers are the most popular fillers, as it helps to add volume to the nose by contouring and augmenting the injected area. Something which I have done previously as well. As much as it is convenient and helps to enhance the definition of the nose bridge, it did not help me to achieve the sharp nose tip that I want. Hence, Dr. Terence Tan prescribed me the PDO threadlift to achieve the sharp nose tip that I desire. When I asked him how should people decide between the two, he said it is best to consult an experienced doctor as different people have different concerns. 

So, what exactly is PDO thread lift
Basically, it is a minimally-invasive treatment for tightening the skin, contouring and rejuvenating the face, neck and eye area, and enhancing the shape of the nose too *wink. This non-surgical face-lifting technique uses absorbable ultra-fine threads called polydioxanone (PDO) to continuously stimulate collagen synthesis under skin. Made by Korean companies, the threads use cogs or tiny hooks within the threads for anchoring. They are particularly suitable for nose threadlifts and is popularly called as “lunch-time lift” as it can be completed in under an hour. 

Before my treatment, Dr. Terence Tan was very patient and explained to me what would happen during the procedure. Threads will be inserted under the skin and the tiny hooks act as scaffolds to elevate the nose bridge and tip. The threads stimulate the skin over time to produce collagen to support the desired contour for a long-lasting and natural-looking lift. No incisions are made and no stitches are necessary. The threads are eventually fully absorbed within the body. 

The number of threads required will be determined by the doctor based on the existing shape of the nose. Threads of different lengths are inserted into the nose to provide the desired amount of projection.  
Overall, I felt very comfortable throughout the procedure even though I was really scared! Dr. Terence Tan is a very experienced and friendly doctor. To reassure me, he cracked jokes and chatted with me to keep me from thinking about the treatment. 
After my procedure, I could immediately see the lift! My nose bridge is higher and the nose tip is sharper. I'm so pleased with the end result ^__^ Plus, don't you think that it looks quite natural?! 



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STAR 360 | *NEW* Flagship Store Opening

Thursday, May 10, 2018
Took some time out with Gex a couple of weekends ago to checkout STAR 360's new flagship store.
(Angeline Yeh, Gex Khaw) 
Before I begin, CONGRATULATIONS STAR 360! *Throws confetti*
STAR 360 is a multi-label lifestyle concept store that curates cutting-edge international street brands. Today, STAR 360 continues to expand their retail presence with the recent opening of its flagship store at Suntec City, #01-376/377 (West Wing). With a space of 2,730sqf, the new store is the sixth store and by far the largest space, featuring a brand new interior concept - Which I must add, is so refreshing! 
The new space stocks both adults and kids’ sneakers, as well as apparels and accessories from international street brands such as adidas, NIKE, and PUMA. (I was very excited when I found out they stock kids' sneakers, teehee!) In addition, STAR 360 carries a wide range of Japanese labels such as Onitsuka Tiger and ASICS Tiger. However, the pride of the store is having two premium Japanese labels – Patrick and Spingle that retail exclusively at STAR 360.

STAR 360 is currently working with 3 talented local artists for a giveaway, visit STAR 360 on instagram (@star360global) now and click their bio to join in the fun to stand a chance to win a pair of customised shoes by the artists (in your own size). Join them this weekend, on STAR STROKES LIVE, 12th May 2018 from 2-7PM at Suntec City as the reveal the lucky winners who will walk away with the customised shoes!


STAR 360 Flagship Store
Suntec City (West Wing)
3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-376/377 
Singapore 038983

Fat-Freezing Consultation at Halley Medical Aesthetics

Monday, April 16, 2018
All of us have certain areas of our bodies that we are not confident of. There's so much of myself that I feel can be worked on! Having seen so many reviews of Halley Medical Aesthetics online, I decided to head down for a consultation to speak with Dr Terence Tan. 
Halley Medical Aesthetics is located conveniently in the heart of town, Orchard Gateway, so it is convenient. It is just opposite the National Library on the 3rd floor. I love the interior of the clinic, which has this very cosy and welcoming vibe despite it being huge and spacious. Certain corners of the clinic are super insta-worthy as well! Wished I had taken more pictures during the time I was there. 

 Honestly, I thought I would be a little awkward having to bare my body to Dr Terence Tan and the therapists. *cries* Imagine baring your body to people whom you don't know and pointing out all your flaws for them to see. Thank God everyone there made me feel so much at ease! 
Ever since I gave birth to Aaryanna, I have been especially concerned with my tummy and thighs. Despite watching my diet and working out, I still have problems losing the fat in those stubborn areas. Knowing my concern, Dr Terence Tan recommended me to try out cryolipolysis, a fat freezing treatment called CoolSculpting. 

CoolSculpting is a non-invasive treatment that helps to target spot reduction of body fat and permanently remove them from areas where even spot toning exercises will not be able to remove. This treatment freeze the adipose tissue (body fat) in a non-invasive manner, resulting in the break down of fat cells. The fat cells in the treated area die naturally and are pass out of the body eventually. 
CoolSculpting can be used to get rid of the stubborn fat on your double chin, abdomen, love handles, buttocks, inner and outer thighs, back or bra fat area, and even your arms. 

Dr. Terence Tan recommended the CoolSmooth Pro for my outer thighs and the CoolFit Advantage applicator for my inner thighs. These applicators are designed to cover a greater area and hug our thighs better. 

CoolAdvantage is the latest applicator to the CoolSculpting family. The new CoolAdvantage applicators are not only bigger with a bigger cooling area to increase direct contact with tissue, it is also more comfortable. Treatment time is also reduced by nearly half from 1 hour to 35 minutes.
Halley Medical Aesthetics has more than one CoolSculpting machines in the clinic, hence I was able to do two areas at one time rather than have it done over four sessions. This saved a lot of my time; less time spent on fat reduction means more time with my daughter! 

I am so excited to get started on my journey with Halley Medical Aesthetics after hearing all the pros on the treatment. 
After my consultation with Dr. Terence Tan, we moved to the treatment room where he will first mark out the troubled areas that needs to be treated. 
I was then ushered to a big comfortable chair where treatment will take place. A cooling gel pad was then placed on the marked area on my outer thigh to protect my skin during treatment. 
After placing the CoolSmooth Pro applicator on my right outer thigh, Dr. Terence Tan and his therapist wrapped a soft velcro strap around it to ensure that the applicator is in good contact with the skin and that it is secured tightly for maximum suction. After securing the CoolSmooth Pro applicator, they then applied the CoolFit Advantage applicator on my left inner thigh. At the start of the CoolSmooth Pro cycle, you will feel a cooling sensation on your skin followed by numbness. But as the CoolFit Advantage applicators works on suction, you will feel a gentle tugging of your skin into the applicator before the cooling begins. 
So here I am, being treated by two CoolSculpting machines at one go -- this is DualSculpting at work! While waiting for CoolSculpting to work its magic on me, I was comfortably playing with my phone throughout. Once the two machines were done, they proceed to treat my left outer thigh and right inner thigh. 

After each treatment cycle (one cycle for each outer and inner thigh), the therapist would massage the treated area to help break down the crystalised fat cell. 

Results from CoolSculpting is not immediate as the dead fat cells takes about 3 months to pass out of the body. I will be back to see Dr. Terence Tan in 3 months’ time, and I can’t wait to see my results! Stay tuned to see how my progress goes *wink*


Orchard Gateway
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