Talk Again

Thursday, January 28, 2016

I want us to talk again - the way we used to when the sun was coming up, and we were miles away from anywhere.

I want us to talk again - about all the things we would think about, yet never thought to say out loud to anyone else.

I want us to talk again - like the way we did before we wanted to do anything more than that. I want us to talk.

And if we never talk again, I want you to know that I miss that most of all - and everytime the sun goes down, I think of all the things I wish I could tell you.

- Lang Leav
My utmost favourite author, probably the only person I know who makes heartbreak sound like it's such a beautiful thing.



Monday, January 11, 2016

Hello, 2016.
Please be good.

Haven't had the time to do a proper update as I have literally been drowning in work but I guess it's a good start for the year? 

Till then, 

Before it's too late

Friday, December 18, 2015

Writing this with a heavy heart.

My dad's best friend passed away. I have never seen or heard my pops this upset in my life. It broke my heart.
He didn't even get to see him for the last time before he left, even though he took the first plane once he knew about it to go see him.

Daddy told me over the phone "Life is full of uncertainties." and yes, nobody knows what's going to happen tomorrow, or even the next moment. The older I grow, the scarier life becomes.

No doubt I've had my fair share of friends whom passed away, and with every passing I always remind myself to cherish the people around me before it's too late.


Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Bath & Wash

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

 Cetaphil Baby Ultra Moisturizing Bath & Wash 
What's different about Cetaphil Baby's Ultra Moisturizing Bath & Wash is that it blends 1/3 moisturizer with soothing aloe vera into a rich, lathering wash that gently cleanses your baby's delicate skin WITHOUT drying. For someone with extremely dry skin, this is like a dream come true. And yes, I used it for myself too. Teehee!

This tear free, soap free and hypoallergenic formula rinses clean, leaving a soft, fresh fragrance. Gentle enough for even an infant's skin.

Not convinced? Click HERE to get FREE samples of Cetaphil Baby products! 
All Cetaphil® Baby gentle skincare products are now available at selected Cold Storage, FairPrice, Guardian Health & Beauty, Unity Pharmacy and Watsons.


Read more on Cetaphil Baby Wash & Shampoo here:
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Say good bye to stretchmarks with Esthe Clinic!

Wednesday, December 09, 2015

*All photos taken by my iphone*


I have been to a handful of clinics, trying to find a way to remove my stretchmarks but they all showed really MINIMAL improvement despite countless of sessions thus, I was slightly skeptical (as I always am) when I first went to Esthe Clinic esp since they are so afforable??? Considering that they are near town area - Many of the clinics I've been too were way more pricey. 

Please tell me I'm not the only one who always thinks pricier = better. Now I dare say, that's so NOT TRUE.


This is gonna be one helluva wordy post, so if you're not interested to read I'm just gonna cut it short and let you know that if you wanna remove your stretchmarks this is the place to go to:

EstheClinic Singapore
72 Tras Street
Singapore, 079011
+65 6221 4797

 Opening Hours :
 Monday – Friday : 10am to 8pm
Saturday : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sunday and Public Holidays

Consultation is FREE so if you have questions just ring em' up or head down and spam them with questions. The staff there are all really friendly (and pretty!) so don't be shy.
Also, you can quote 'ANGELINE' at Esthe Clinic for 10% off ALL treatments




Please tell me it's not just my eyes playing tricks on me and you can tell the difference as well?

When I first went to them they told me my stretchmarks could only be improved by 40%-60% and that I had to go for at least 15-20 sessions before seeing results, I was quite sad... BUT WT* I THINK THEY WERE JUST TRYNA BE HUMBLE?! 
I am ONLY AT MY 5TH SESSION (If I'm not wrong) and I feel like my stretchmarks have already improved by 60% if not MORE.

Literally, now.
Just took this like 10 seconds ago.
It's not perfect and you can still see marks here and there but it's a crazy improvement, no??? T_T


EstheClinic anti-stretch mark treatments uses LED photomodulation combined with radiofrequency to boost cellular metabolism, regenerate cells and lead to a gradual and sustained dermal-epidermal restructuring of damaged tissue.

The procedures to remove stretch marks combines 3 technologies: 

Thermo-controlled Radiofrequency is a non-invasive procedure to induce collagen production. By heating the skin, radiofrequency helps collagen regain its original structure, and causes the proliferation of the fibroblasts. The skin is tightened, firmer and smoother, the red color of recent stretch marks disappear, swelling on the outer edges of stretch marks is reduced, and the stretch marks are filled and smoothed.

 Le DermaBooster XL and its 1040 titanium micro-needles stimulates the skin deep down thanks. It is extremely effective for treating stretch marks, as it promotes a wound healing process, flooding collagen and elastin to the scars, promoting skin renewal and regeneration.

 LED Photomodulation : the light emitted by the LED is a cold monochromatic light which is a non-invasive and painless procedure. Photomodulation is a new approach to photoactivate the fibroblasts without thermal effect, in order to stimulate new collagen growth. LED photomodulation will help break down the denser sub-dermal scarring while stimulating superficial circulation, reducing flaccidity and thickening the thin, paperlike characteristics of stretch marks. It also assists in softening and flattening the stretch marks.

I will still continue updating my progress here so keep checkin' back!


Esthe Clinic