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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Okay , I spent almost half an hour staring at myself in the mirror.
My conclusion :
Fat & flat nose, sharp face , uneven (you have to look damn carefully) & small eyes !
Wahlau. I look like an ugly pig . I wanna ....... go for ........ plastic surgery. LOL.
Then they'll cut me up. So cute so cute !
Imagine how I look when I'm cut up ! Damn cool !
Omg , gross :/

No luh , I won't be so crazy to go for plastic surgery . Even if I did have the money , the risk is too high . & plus , I cry when I go to the dentist , how to go under the knife ! Ha :/

I swear I feel like doing something to my face , I just don't know what !
& I dont want makeup , spoils the face :(

Solutions anyone?

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