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Wednesday, July 4, 2007


I'am back , I'am back (:

Mum gave me a Swensen's treat , yummy* (rubs tummy >:{ fwahs)
Alvin is damn steady !
Although the surprise didn't go exactly according to plan , some people were still surprised

I got thrased at dota 7 hours after I came back , terrible . I feel sad for myself. I need to train moreeeeee !

Alvin , Benjamin , Ah Girl , Fang , Shermaine , Jason , Zan came over to my place.
Slack , talked , played.
They ran thru all my stuff , I like my passport, hellokitty cover
They said every corner you turn in my room you'd definetely see a hellokitty , that's not true , look at the ceiling !

The rest slept. Talked to Alvin all the way up till 9 ? 10? in the morning.
He's a very very nice friend , & he can indeed keep secrets
Woke up at 4 in the afternoon , the rest left , leaving Ah girl & I . Met up with Feng & Fang at around 6. Benjamin came too.
We met on the bus ! Right on time ! Took the bus to geylang
(stop all your dirty thinking)
Talked , alot. Reached , walked around .
There was these hellokitty shop there , omgggg @@ Somebody , kill me please.
Eyed on a few stuff . Around 9 or so , we went to eat .
Ate , chicken. Omg ! Fats ! Fats ! I have to go on a diet soon !
Gossiped . All the shops closed when we had finished eating , bummed
Took a bus home. They came over to my place, chosed clothes & stuff.
Chatted awhile , they'had school the next day so they couldn't stay too late.

Today , dolled up , was preparing to go out & suddenly daddy came home.
Talked to him & stuff. He's going back to school to talk to my principal. Yay.

Didn't go out in the end. Just went to the lan shop nearby my house as there is no internet connection at home yet!

& I just might be the girl, who get's hit by a parked car

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Tham Lee Fong said...

Such a memorable one when looking at it now (: Missya!