All that I got to pull me through are memories of you.

Sunday, September 30, 2007
Happy Birthday Sunshine ! :D
Happy Birthday Melvin !

Yong wei came to fetch me , met Shalyn , Jeremy & Baby at Serangoon.
Shalyn went off & we went down to Boat Quay. Met up with Guo wei & the rest.

Went to Amber, drank alot ! I kept on "da" everyone, gei kiang luhs :/
Wasn't in a very good mood. So , yeah.

After that , went down to keong saik's Music Valley to drink again T.T

Guo Wei was damn sweet.
Haha, he kept running to 7eleven to help me buy lollipops ;D
& got all of the the exact flavor that I wanted. Yay.
When my lollipops kept finishing he went to 7eleven and bought ALL their strawberry lollipops. LOL.
Now, I have an unlimited supply of lollipops. Haha !

Went back to Boat Quay for awhile to look for Andy cause I wanted to talk to him,
then down to East Coast to slack ! :D

There's something i have have have have have to announce !
Baby & Jeremy are together ! Like, finally ! ;D;D
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