Because for me, it's always been you. Always.

Thursday, September 27, 2007
I'm done with ex-boyfriends and all the shit that has gone on with mine.
Yeah, I love him as a person && I respect him for who he is & what not.
But how my friends treat him is not something I need to deal with.
So, they don't like him for what happened between us...
that is between him and them...
& I shouldn't get bitched at for shit that I didn't do.
God, I hope he's ok.
Not like we'll ever be friends...
& i'm accepting that.
You might just think of me as some girl but,
I'm that one girl that took one single look at you
& fell harder than I have ever fallen in my whole entire life.
Boy, when you start to miss me,
you're the one who let me go.
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