I can tell you I need some company.
But I can't fix you, & you don't want me.

Monday, September 17, 2007
I feel like boxing somebody right now :( Sigh*

Hwei Ping & I have both been having our rainy days.
Well , everyone has their own rainy days, don't they ?

Changing for the better ! (:
I'm not the person I used to be.
I'm not afraid of saying ' I Love You '
I'm just afraid of the response.

Met up with Valen yesterday & headed down to Boat Quay.
Had a nice chat about friends , relationships , our past etc.
I think it has been one of the best chats I've had with anyone so far.

She came over to my place thereafter,
Watched 'The magicians of love' && I fell asleep halfway -.-''

Woke up
, washed up, dolled up.
Headed to Hougang to meet Eugene, then down to Orange.
Played games & drank. !@#$%^&*( I kept losing. Grrrr.
I cried -.- LOL. I don't know why either.

When I was at the taxi stand this guy came up to me.
Damn funny.
Guy: Er, hello. Can I have your number?
Me: Cannot.
Guy: Why?
Me: I got boyfriend, then my boyfriend don't like me to anyhow give my number.
Guy: Nevermind lah. You all also not married yet.
Me: We going to get married already leh!
Guy: Huh? Can lah, can lah. Be friend only.
Me: Cannnnnnnoooootttttttt!
Then I ran away, hahahaha.
& He shouted to his friends 'Buey sai lah !'
Ha. Hilarious.

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