I'm sorry if i'm giving up too easy ,
I just dont have the strength to fight anymore

Sunday, September 16, 2007
Thinking about what he he he did yesterday ,
pisses me off ! o(>.<)o

Last night I was thinking ...
why is it that two people meant to be (?) are always so far apart?
I sat for hours wondering why such a thing has to be.
But then it came to me ... the distance tests your love.
If you’re apart and it’s meant to be, you will meet again.

Didn't go to work today !
& When I'm free ,
everybody else either does not pick up the phone
or have appointments already ! :(
So annonying.

Neverminddddddddddddd !
Went shopping with mummy @ Junction 8 .

&& I'M AT HOME !
!@#$%^&* Sigh.

Ohoh ,
I'm going to church tomorrow .
Provided, I wake up on time lur. Lol.

I keep myself busy with things to do ,
but everytime I pause ... I still think of you .
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