So bottle up old love, throw it out to sea.
Smack it out of your life, like and annoying bumble bee.

Sunday, September 9, 2007
Whats meant to be mine will be mine,
Whats not meant to be mine will never be mine.

Angel & I got left behind at geylang lorong 18. It was terrible.
We didn't even know where we were and we had to go around asking.
Hell ! & There were some 'tikohs' who came up to ask, asking "how much?"
I was so terrified I nearly pee-ed in my pants.

After calling and calling & begging many people to come to our rescue , siaokia came.
-At least now I know who I CAN rely on & who I CANT.

Super embarrasing , we were running around screaming & there were super alot of bangalas ! :X

Then he brought us to this brothel thingy place ,
& we had to sit inside the car (in case people thought we were working -.-) for what seemed like forever.
& finally , he got one of his friends to send us home :D

People even warned me you were a heartbreaker.
& for some stupid reason
i thought i would be your one exception.

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