Tell me : What am I supposed to do ?
When I count my thoughts , they're mostly you

Saturday, September 15, 2007
I still love you ! Hee :D
Today , really super high lur.
Mixed Carlsberg & Martell & Chivas & Heineken together.
Sing sing sing with Yvonne :D
& talked about alot of relationship stuff ! Lol :)

I wanted to drink somemore then Justin kept stopping me o(>.<)o

Went down to Boat Quay with Hwei Ping after work.
Cannot even walk properly still wanna go Boat Quay && drink somemore.
Think we're really crazy already :X

Ohoh, I wanted to vomit then suddenly somebody stood beside me
& when I turned my head and looked , it was actually Melvin. (:

Supposed to go to Serangoon to meet Joyce ,
but didn't in the end cause my head was hurting :(
Argh* So accompanied Uncle Kumar to fetch customers.
Then he fetched me home , heh.

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