Why is it that no matter how much pain it endures by holding on ,
the heart still refuses to let go.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Just came back from the hospital from visiting, Crystal.
She said I changed alot since she went into the hostel, in a good way though (:
I'm happy but I can't help wondering , have I really changed?
in what way have I changed to become better?
I don't know. Doesn't seem that I've changed though , sigh*

I'm currently in low spirits :(

-Kiss on the stomach: I'm ready.
-Kiss on the Forehead: I hope we're together forever.
-Kiss on the Ear: You're my everything.
-Kiss on the Cheek: We're friends.
-Kiss on the Hand: I adore you.
-Kiss on the Neck: We belong together.
-Kiss on the Shoulder: I want you.
-Kiss on the Lips: I love you.

-Holding Hand: We definitely like each other.
-Slap on the butt: That's mine.
-Holding on tight: I don't want to let go.
-Looking into each other's Eyes: I just plain like you.
-Playing with Hair: Tell me you love me.
-Arms around the Waist: I like you too much to let go.
-Laughing while Kissing: I am completely comfortable with you.

Don't ask for a kiss, take one.
If you were thinking about someone while reading this,
you're definitely in love.
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