You're not even mine anymore
& I'm scared to lose you.

Thursday, September 13, 2007
Today alot of customers order Martell.
Good & Bad at the same time.
Martell got high comission ! ;D
Bad thing is that I'd have to drink it too -.- (Well, only if they ask me to lah)
Hwei Ping asked me to drink for her today ! Martell..
Steven asked me to drink again too .. Martell AGAIN, somemore plus beer.
Super high lah.
To those who know me well enough , or have seen me drink will obviously know that I'm not a very good drinker / suck at drinking .

After work, Uncle Kumar came to fetch me.
I kept vomitting lur >:( Omgomgomg. So paiseh :/

I've been losing sleep because I'm sick of
dreaming about you !@#$%^&
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