It's not a lie if you believe it ,
& It's not a mistake if you repeat it.

Sunday, October 28, 2007
I'm getting tired of blogging .

OMG. I just ate a packet of rice & I just ordered Mcdelivery.
Pretty much explains why I'm growing fat so fast T.T

I need to lose weightttttt.
I need to excersiseeeeeeee .

You left a stain on everyone of my good days.

Sunday, October 7, 2007
& if i don't make it,
know that i've loved you all along.
just like sunny days that we ignorebecause we're all dumb and jaded.

It hurts so bad to be alone
& know that he isn't.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Have been going to Old Changi Hospital these few days.
Played lanterns over there ! We even lighted up the place ` (:
We'd light candles everywhere we walked. It was damn bright ! Ha.

Woke up, washed up & prepared. Went to look for Baby.
Took a cab down to Far East.
When I reached, I realised that Baby was working at Bugis and not Far East anymore T.T
Sua ku !

So, took a train down to Bugis to look for her.
Accompanied her to work, damn boring.
So we camwhored alot.

Met Jackie , Shu shu & Abk at 269.

As, Baby, Abk & I wanted to use the toilet , Abk fetched us to Macdonalds.
Haha ! 3 people on 1 bike ! Style luhs.

All of them went off. Waited for Tou Tou & Ah beng to fetch us.
Went down to Geylang then to Changi.

There was a roadblock towards the Changi side & Ah beng got caught. !@#$%^&*(

Had our dinner at Changi. Eric & his friend came.
Eric fetched Baby , & Tou Tou fetched me.
Headed over to Pasir ris to slack.

Was going to rain , so we
didn't stay for long.
On the way home, drizzled a little.

So went to a nearby coffee shop to slack.
When the rain stopped, Tou Tou sent me home.

You're an act, and this is only scene 1
Talk is cheap, but I paid enough for mine
My head's up in the clouds
But my body's on the ground
Run away run away ~
What is this chemistry?
First impressions are the worst.

The city seems so far away from here,
when you're counting every step.

Monday, October 1, 2007
Went to eat at some organic cafe with my family.

Went to Yishun, Serangoon, Geylang, Changi & Pasir ris.

Eric's motor 'buang'.
Went to Changi General Hospital.
His leg is injured.
Hope he recovers soon ` (:

Ah Qiang accompanied me all the way up till 7:30AM.
& He wanted to buy hellokitty for meeeeeeeeee ;D Lol !
His car is damn nice to sit, super spacious.
I kept playing with his car functions, heh - xD

I hear from your friends that you're still alive.
I guess I wasted those wishes on nothing.