It's not a lie if you believe it ,
& It's not a mistake if you repeat it.

Sunday, October 28, 2007
I'm getting tired of blogging .

OMG. I just ate a packet of rice & I just ordered Mcdelivery.
Pretty much explains why I'm growing fat so fast T.T

I need to lose weightttttt.
I need to excersiseeeeeeee .

You can't be just friends with someone you love .

Thursday, October 25, 2007
I saw you today,
& I looked the other way.
But then I looked back at you because I couldnt resist,
& you know what ? - I saw you looking right at me :)

I'm still siiiiiccccck :( and, my head hurts .
Should I go to work later ? I haven't gone to work for like , 3 days !
Though I went on Tuesday for like , 3-4 hours ? :O

Okay , I've decided . I'm going to work today !
Hopefully , I don't faint halfway while working -.-'''

I like my job alot ! :D

i want to know whats going on in that pretty little head of yours,
where everyday is a bone palace ballet.

{My desktop ! :D}

I'm sick ! :( I have a flu , sorethroat & fever .
My nose is blocked , throat is blocked & even my ears are blocked !

* Ohoh , & Botak also reminded me that I had cough too ! :(


Accompanied Qian Wei to cityplaza yesterday to get her extensions done .
Saw Yuanning over there ! (: I left at around 8.30 ? or so , as I had to go to work .

Went off early , cause I wasn't feeling well . Uncle Kumar picked me up & sent me home.
Botak they'all came over. I wanted to sleep & all off them kept disturbing me . How annonying .

I had a bad bad night , very uncomfortable :(

I can't turn & walk away

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Joyce chua . You changed alot .
Don't know what happened to you .

You made me so torn . Why should I still have feelings for you when you're sucha jackass?
I was just too happy and head over heels , in love with you to notice it .
I swear being in love or close to you is basically intoxication & now I see everything for what it truly is .
I doubt you ever really liked or wanted to be with me .
It's like all your words run through my head & the memories of us are stuck there too.
I don't want you to be in my mind .
I want you out , because you're not worth any of my thoughts or time .
And , I don't know why I even wanted a friendship with you.
How you would say you loved me so much and once it was over you jumped straight to someone else .
And , that's not what hurts because she's so much better for you .
But I just don't get why did you have to waste time with me & made me feel this way ,
when you could've just gone straight to her in the first place.

My brother is being a pain in the ass .
No , not only for now .
Has always been & will always be .
Why do I have such a brother ?
I feel like chopping him again & again .

Asshole .

Nevermind about that.
I am packed this week ! Yay :) I finally have things to do .

I was stupid to give it a shot ,
when all those times I swore I wouldnt.
I didn't want you to get what you wanted.
But it was also what I wanted. In the end ,
it just proves that second chances screw you over.

All I want is to fall asleep in your arms and wake up
to the warmth of your body next to mine.

Friday, October 19, 2007
Yong Wei shocked me by turning up at my workplace after work today, with his friend.
Sherlyn joined us. Wanted to go to bedroom, but I couldn't go in T.T (Don't ask why)

Met up with Rico. Went down to 97 with her. Sherlyn, Yongwei & his friend ps-ed us :(
Anyway, I still had fun over there ^^
Left at around five ? & went back to boat quay to look for Yong wei & etc.
June & her friend were there too (:

Yong Wei was super high. Haha ! :/

Changed pub. They tried to bring me into bedroom again, but failed.
So, went to Rav instead. I was super shag there ><

Shared a cab home with Sherlyn.
Washed up , & daddy fetched me to Jurong HQ to report.

Saw Ryan , Di di , they ' all over there . Hahas ^^

Zan is coming over to my place now. Yay.

Sometimes, the most amazing places
are just down the road.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Went to yishun together with Ziliang, Joyce, Edward, Wei Ping, Yo Yo to meet Melvin !
Omg, I miss him so much ! ^^

Had a super long private talk with him.
Alot of things happened after that ! ><

Nevermind. Ka wee came to find us. Slacked.
Edward, Weiping & Zhiliang came over to my place to sleep. Zzz.

Woke up. Went down to central to meet Zan. Then, Ka Ming got taiji. In the end, nothing.

Slacked around central, saw alot of familiar faces ^^
Xiu yan & Mei Qi came to find me @ funland.

Saw Jane & Meien at funland , I didn't even recognise them luh !
I think Jane has become prettier ! I'm jealous. Oh wells.

You're dreaming of her,
while I sit up at night wishing to forget you.

Sunday, October 14, 2007
I am tired. Very tired.

Met up with Qian Wei in the afternoon and went to CityPlaza to get our hair extensions done.
I finally have long hair again, I miss having long hair. Qian Wei wasn't very much happy about her hair. I thought it looked okay though.

She came over to my place & slacked awhile.

She went home & I went to work.

Edwin fetched me from work today. His bike is damn comfortable ! I like ! Haha.
Went down to Toa Payoh to have a drink then he sent me home because we had no where else to go. Zzz.

You and her can truly last forever.
I just hate the fact that it was as if
I was nothing special.

What's left to lose when your hearts been beaten on the floor?

Friday, October 12, 2007
Omg, I just fell down & my back hurts T.T

Sunday , 7 October -

Wednesday , 10 October - Aaron's birthday .

I have so much hate towards you.
And I hate that I hate you but
I feel like its better that way.

You left a stain on everyone of my good days.

Sunday, October 7, 2007
& if i don't make it,
know that i've loved you all along.
just like sunny days that we ignore
because we're all dumb and jaded.

Maybe I really did say it.
But to what I remember, I didn't.
It's up to you to say what you want to.
Cause as far as I know, my conscience is clear.

Just came home from work.
I'm not exactly in a very good mood today. Sigh*
Drank, alot. Or maybe it's cause my 'jiu liang' isn't good.
But whatever it is, I got drunk againT.T
Didn't enjoy the bartop dancing & all, cause I was pulled to the storeroom to rest. Sad !

Okay. Annabelle's gonna kill me if I don't wake up on time later on !
So I better turn in now (: Wheeee.

p/s It's too late to apologize.

It hurts so bad to be alone
& know that he isn't.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Have been going to Old Changi Hospital these few days.
Played lanterns over there ! We even lighted up the place ` (:
We'd light candles everywhere we walked. It was damn bright ! Ha.

Woke up, washed up & prepared. Went to look for Baby.
Took a cab down to Far East.
When I reached, I realised that Baby was working at Bugis and not Far East anymore T.T
Sua ku !

So, took a train down to Bugis to look for her.
Accompanied her to work, damn boring.
So we camwhored alot.

Met Jackie , Shu shu & Abk at 269.

As, Baby, Abk & I wanted to use the toilet , Abk fetched us to Macdonalds.
Haha ! 3 people on 1 bike ! Style luhs.

All of them went off. Waited for Tou Tou & Ah beng to fetch us.
Went down to Geylang then to Changi.

There was a roadblock towards the Changi side & Ah beng got caught. !@#$%^&*(

Had our dinner at Changi. Eric & his friend came.
Eric fetched Baby , & Tou Tou fetched me.
Headed over to Pasir ris to slack.

Was going to rain , so we
didn't stay for long.
On the way home, drizzled a little.

So went to a nearby coffee shop to slack.
When the rain stopped, Tou Tou sent me home.

You're an act, and this is only scene 1
Talk is cheap, but I paid enough for mine
My head's up in the clouds
But my body's on the ground
Run away run away ~
What is this chemistry?
First impressions are the worst.