i want to know whats going on in that pretty little head of yours,
where everyday is a bone palace ballet.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

{My desktop ! :D}

I'm sick ! :( I have a flu , sorethroat & fever .
My nose is blocked , throat is blocked & even my ears are blocked !

* Ohoh , & Botak also reminded me that I had cough too ! :(


Accompanied Qian Wei to cityplaza yesterday to get her extensions done .
Saw Yuanning over there ! (: I left at around 8.30 ? or so , as I had to go to work .

Went off early , cause I wasn't feeling well . Uncle Kumar picked me up & sent me home.
Botak they'all came over. I wanted to sleep & all off them kept disturbing me . How annonying .

I had a bad bad night , very uncomfortable :(
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