It hurts so bad to be alone
& know that he isn't.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Have been going to Old Changi Hospital these few days.
Played lanterns over there ! We even lighted up the place ` (:
We'd light candles everywhere we walked. It was damn bright ! Ha.

Woke up, washed up & prepared. Went to look for Baby.
Took a cab down to Far East.
When I reached, I realised that Baby was working at Bugis and not Far East anymore T.T
Sua ku !

So, took a train down to Bugis to look for her.
Accompanied her to work, damn boring.
So we camwhored alot.

Met Jackie , Shu shu & Abk at 269.

As, Baby, Abk & I wanted to use the toilet , Abk fetched us to Macdonalds.
Haha ! 3 people on 1 bike ! Style luhs.

All of them went off. Waited for Tou Tou & Ah beng to fetch us.
Went down to Geylang then to Changi.

There was a roadblock towards the Changi side & Ah beng got caught. !@#$%^&*(

Had our dinner at Changi. Eric & his friend came.
Eric fetched Baby , & Tou Tou fetched me.
Headed over to Pasir ris to slack.

Was going to rain , so we
didn't stay for long.
On the way home, drizzled a little.

So went to a nearby coffee shop to slack.
When the rain stopped, Tou Tou sent me home.

You're an act, and this is only scene 1
Talk is cheap, but I paid enough for mine
My head's up in the clouds
But my body's on the ground
Run away run away ~
What is this chemistry?
First impressions are the worst.
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