I can't turn & walk away

Tuesday, October 23, 2007
Joyce chua . You changed alot .
Don't know what happened to you .

You made me so torn . Why should I still have feelings for you when you're sucha jackass?
I was just too happy and head over heels , in love with you to notice it .
I swear being in love or close to you is basically intoxication & now I see everything for what it truly is .
I doubt you ever really liked or wanted to be with me .
It's like all your words run through my head & the memories of us are stuck there too.
I don't want you to be in my mind .
I want you out , because you're not worth any of my thoughts or time .
And , I don't know why I even wanted a friendship with you.
How you would say you loved me so much and once it was over you jumped straight to someone else .
And , that's not what hurts because she's so much better for you .
But I just don't get why did you have to waste time with me & made me feel this way ,
when you could've just gone straight to her in the first place.

My brother is being a pain in the ass .
No , not only for now .
Has always been & will always be .
Why do I have such a brother ?
I feel like chopping him again & again .

Asshole .

Nevermind about that.
I am packed this week ! Yay :) I finally have things to do .

I was stupid to give it a shot ,
when all those times I swore I wouldnt.
I didn't want you to get what you wanted.
But it was also what I wanted. In the end ,
it just proves that second chances screw you over.
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