Sometimes, the most amazing places
are just down the road.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Went to yishun together with Ziliang, Joyce, Edward, Wei Ping, Yo Yo to meet Melvin !
Omg, I miss him so much ! ^^

Had a super long private talk with him.
Alot of things happened after that ! ><

Nevermind. Ka wee came to find us. Slacked.
Edward, Weiping & Zhiliang came over to my place to sleep. Zzz.

Woke up. Went down to central to meet Zan. Then, Ka Ming got taiji. In the end, nothing.

Slacked around central, saw alot of familiar faces ^^
Xiu yan & Mei Qi came to find me @ funland.

Saw Jane & Meien at funland , I didn't even recognise them luh !
I think Jane has become prettier ! I'm jealous. Oh wells.
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