You left a stain on everyone of my good days.

Sunday, October 7, 2007
& if i don't make it,
know that i've loved you all along.
just like sunny days that we ignore
because we're all dumb and jaded.

Maybe I really did say it.
But to what I remember, I didn't.
It's up to you to say what you want to.
Cause as far as I know, my conscience is clear.

Just came home from work.
I'm not exactly in a very good mood today. Sigh*
Drank, alot. Or maybe it's cause my 'jiu liang' isn't good.
But whatever it is, I got drunk againT.T
Didn't enjoy the bartop dancing & all, cause I was pulled to the storeroom to rest. Sad !

Okay. Annabelle's gonna kill me if I don't wake up on time later on !
So I better turn in now (: Wheeee.

p/s It's too late to apologize.
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