Happy birthday !

Monday, November 26, 2007
For all my life, I've wished for the perfect birthday.
You know, where your friends plan surprises for you & all ?
I can imagine myself sitting in my room & when the clock strikes twelve,
I would hear knocking on my door & Surpriseeeee !.

But, no. It's gonna be so impposible.
Even if I did have friends who would plan surprises for me,
my birthday is ruined. RUINED.

Why ?
Because , I have a test to take in the morning
& I have to report back to MCYS in the evening.

should really stop whinning :(

Anyway , I'm still going to enjoy my birthday no matter what .
I don't care ! I must have a nice nice nice nice nice birthday :(

*Throws balloons & Confetti !*

Happy birthday to myself :)
I'm finally fifteeeen !! :D

Happy birthday Cecilia.
Happy birthday Ice , Li Guang , Ivan , Peggy & Jing Wen's bf !

& all the other people's birthday who is on 26th November !
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