If I had a dollar bill for every time I've been wrong
I'd be a self-made millionaire, and you'd still be gone.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Yesterday night was hectic.
Was a last minute decision to meet Hwei Ping, Shu Ling & Wei Ting.
Cabbed to Tanjong Pajar to pick them, then to BP to get some stuff & off to Shu Ling's place.

Woke up in the morning, and found Shu Ling in the living room.
We didn't know how she got there either :O

Shu Ling & Wei Ting left for work & Me & Hwei Ping went home.
On the cab, Hwei Ping found out that her wallet wasn't on her. Panicked.
So her mum came down to pay the cab fare.

Reached home,
P with Kendre just now.
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