Secretly, we wish anyone we love
will think exactly the same way we do.

Sunday, November 25, 2007
Kendre camped with me for 3 nights, at my place.
Thanks, darling.

Down to Joelyn's place @ Chengam yesterday.
Met up with Xin Yu & Co .
I was hungry , so we walked over to Gelangang for prata.

Ordered Ice Cream, Strawberry & Egg prata.

Couldn't finish it , I think we ordered to much :(

Winnie's friends came & sent us back to my place.
R1 & Hiya Pusa !

Hogan , Dickson , Wen Thong & Tian Shun came over.
I was suuuuuuuuper bored.

Wan Ying came over, & Kendre left.

Played Tai di with the guys.
& went to sleep.

Overslept, didn't go for dance lessons.

P/s I added pictures to 19 November's post :D
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