Sometimes you have to put your hopes in a safe place
and come back to them another day.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Lunched @ Suki Sakura to celebrate my little brother's birthday.

After that , went to a pet shop to get stuff for chocolate.

We saw these winter hamsters there, cute aren't they?
I seriously miss having a hamster.
Used to love them in my younger days.
But, now it's a
Cause the last hamster I had got eaten up by a dog, sad.

Went to shop for shoes.

How I wish they had these shoes/slippers in my sizeeeee :(
So anyway, bought ... a pair of pumps.

and, took a cab home.


Cut cakeeeeeeeeee ! :D

Being crazy isn't showing off.
It's having fun without caring what anyone thinks.

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