You're the single-most important being to ever grace my existence

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Shine stayed over yesterday. We had loads of fun at my place.
Everytime she's around , she never fails to make me smile :)

Sent her home at 9 &
headed down to Kendre's place.

Slack downstairs her block and, waited for jason & friend to arrive.
Went to Kbox. Xiao Ming & gf came as well.

Kendre came over to my place.

Hogan , Wen Thong & Zi Kai came over as well.
They left at around 3PM or so.

It's 7:50PM now & I just woke up !
Me & Kendre are both having a fever now and both our mouths are swollen ! :(

Crush On You.

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