Now my heart is like an open door.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007
I change my mind about being happy.
I'am so so so NOT happy okay :(

I didn't sleep for the entire day !

Mummy & I headed to AMK to get our hair done.

I had my hair dyed black.

& my fringe cut.
(It's much shorter then in the photo, because I got in cut twice again after taking this photo)

I look so horrendous now.
When I looked up & saw the mirror I actually cried okay.
Imagine how ugly it is until I can actually cry over my hair.

Furthermore, I had to make my I/C today.
That made my day worst.
I am going to be stuck with this photo for the rest of my life ,
or should I say until I'm 30 years old.
(Because you have to change your I/c photo when you turn 30)

Nevermind !

Even worst,
Mum went to buy dinner for the family, so I came home first.
& when my younger brother opened the door,
he actually looked at me for about 5 secs ? and exclaimed 'WAH'

I had a very very bad day.
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