Friendship is as delicate as a glass,
once broken it can be fixed,
but there will always be cracks.

Monday, January 14, 2008
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I really wonder what I mean to you now.
You told me you wouldn't know what to do if I left.
But, you have her too .. don't you?
Everytime I call, the first thing you'd ask is about her.

We used to meet everyday without fail.
If I couldn't go out you'd come over to my place,
no matter how late in the night it was.
But now ? You'd always be out with your other friends.

& When I wanted to meet you just now,
you wanted to meet up together with her too.
I'm fine with the three of us together, it's just that .. don't you get it ?
I haven't seen you for weeks, I just need so quality time with you.

Well, maybe we're just too busy for each other.

& You're right, people do change.
I've changed.

I'm just .. not that girl you once knew anymore.
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