The stars weren’t the only thing shining that night.

Monday, February 25, 2008
Let's say I had a very very bad start in the wee hours this morning.
Everything happened so sudden, I didn't know how it started either.

Gf & Wan Yin came to my place to doll up and change.
After that, Wan Yin headed to her bf's place whilst me & gf went down to Amk.

Met up with Wen Thong & co, and then to Crystal's pub @ Geylang to meet up with the others.
It was really boring. Because we didn't plan to go down, it was a last minute decision.
So, I was in my tee & shorts.

Slacked there until the pub closed then headed to lorong 21 to buy fags.
That was when everything started.
Fights, fights..
Imagine seeing your own friends getting beaten up and you can't even do anything about it. Sigh,
Whatever it is, I hope Gf, Amanda & the guys are fine.

Going back to GH in another 4 hours ! :(

Of course I can't forget all the beautiful colours
on the day we first met.

Sunday, February 24, 2008
Yesterday night was terrible.
I spent the night in the Time Out Room.
It's already scary enough to have yourself locked up in four walls ..
& half way through the night, there was a blackout ! :(

Oh my ! Oh my !
I never wanna go into the Time Out Room ever ever again.
Finally, I'm meeting the 'shake clique' later on.
Not the whole clique, but better then nothing.
I miss them so much !
Seriously miss the times when they'would come over to my house almost everyday,
just to slack around & all.

There's never been anyone else.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

You make me want to be somebody.