Worry is a total waste of time.
It doesn't change anything.
All it does is mess up your mind and steal your happiness.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I used to be a strong girl.
But everything has changed,
so many things has happened,
and I've had to deal with so much more
than I should ever have to go through,
and you know something? I finally broke.
Everything around me crashed,
and I fell right with it.
I'm just not that strong anymore.


- School.
* Homework so far is alright.
* I have this 'thing' against the fat people in my class. No offence !
* There are no handsome guys in my class for me to oogle at. So depressing :(

My homeleave got cut for the last two weeks because of a navel stud. Stupid.
Anyway, life in hostel has been tons better since school started. Lesser duties to do & all :/
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