I miss the way you make me feel
so cold and alone.

Saturday, March 22, 2008
My phone decided to die on me :(
Pictures are with Emily, but she has yet to send them to me.
So, no peektures ! Sorry !
I've gotten the pictures ! :D

Shopping with Jiahui, Shirley & Emily @ Town.

Then, to Junction 8 to catch a movie with Jiahui !

Omfgzxzsxz ! Something super emabarrasing happened ! T.T
I fell down. Yes, I FELL DOWN. IN A DRESS.
I think I'm gonna die of embarrasment !
The guy standing there , who actually saw what happened , laughed at me lor !
All Jiahui's fault. Shall not elaborate more.

When I finally plucked up the courage & said okay to Jiahui to watch the movie 'Rule #1',
both of us realised we weren't officially 16 yet ! Heng ah :/
So we decided to catch the movie Step up 2 .

Niceeeeee, I likeeeeeee :D

So hold me close,
but don't get too comfortable,
cause this might be the last time you hear my voice
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