If you keep chasing yesterday,
You're gonna miss tomorrow.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Finally, I'm out on homeleave agn. Happy.
Shirley's homeleave got burned, because of Shasha's diary.
Sad. I think we should all stop writing diary's.

My phone is still dead & I have a sore eye.


Jiahui came over to my place, waited for me to dress up & makeup.
Headed down to Amk to meet Shine.
Slacked for awhile & went back to many 'old' places that I haven't been to in a long time.
So many memories came back, I really miss the times there :(

Sent Shine home & Jiahui to her Grandparents place before heading over to Causewaypoint.
Met up with Mum, brothers, aunty & uncle. Dined @ Seoul Garden, the food there sucked.
After dinner went to the pasarmalam nearby and bought many random stuff :D Happy.

Not very contented with today's buy's though. But I need'a save moneyyyyyyy ! T.T

Anyway, Jiahui & I took out our smiley piercing.
Cause Shine's tore & it looks super scary okay !

Giving 'School's Out !' a miss tonight .
Sorry to those people whom are expecting me there.
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