You wander through my sleeping mind.
Reading thoughts I've left behind.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

** No pictures today ! :(

Toapayoh with Jiahui & had our brunch.
Rushed down to Cityhall to meet Moon & friend.
Then headed to Expo, for some drama thingy by Chc.
Ivan, Isaac, Cj & alot of other familiar faces were there too !

& Down to Eunos then to Bugis, to meet Apple.
Finally, she's out on her first homeleave.
I missed her so so so much ! T.T
Oh well, pray that she goes down to quarters soon.

Walked around. Again, alot of familiar faces (:
Oh yes ! There was this old man who asked us 'Xiao jie, ke yi zhuo peng you ma ?'
We ignored & he kept following us , damn scary !

School's out @ Dxo , tonight !
After curfew calls, muahahaha :D
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