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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Super duper angry.
Today is really not my day _!_

This is it.

I saw Daryl, a classmate of mine, at Junction 8.
So, seeing him wearing a red skinny I msged him "Red skinny siol!"

His gf then called me and said "AYE! WHO ARE YOU!",
as if I owe her a million dollars.

Angeline " WHO ARE YOU "
D's gf " WHO ARE YOU "
Angeline " WHO ARE YOU "
D's gf " Fuck you lah "
Angeline " Fuck you back "

And she put down the phone.
Obviously, already being super angry.
The fucking cheesebunxzs decided to call back.
But, this time it wasn't his gf. It was a guy.

Guy " Who are you ? "
D's gf " Who are you ? Msg my bf don't dare to say who are you eh ? "
(This is fucking' hilarious cause D is so short & fat & totally not my type lor, OMG -.- )
Angeline " You ask your friend who I am lah "
Guy " My friend don't know you "
Angeline " Tell him monday in school then say lah hor "

After I said that, Daryl probably knew who I was alrdy & the guy put down the phone.
But again his freakin' cheesebunxzsx gf decided to call back, again.

D's gf (Talking in a calmer tone this time) " Why you must call and scold me fuck you ? "
Angeline " Pls lah hor, is you scold me fuck you first okay. "
D's gf (Stupid cb tone come back agn) " Is you scold me first lor ! "
Angeline " Fuck you "
D's gf " Can you don't be so childish ?"
I was actually OKAY when she said that (childish).
BUT THEN, she decided to fuckin' spout bad words on me
& scolded me " Childish bitch " & kup the bloody phone.

Angeline is pissed.
You wanna play childish with me ? I'll play along.
Cause let me tell you, I am childish _!_
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