From the bottom of my heart,

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tricia : 亲爱的,
Although we often quarell over very small things,
& get angry with each other very easily,
I'm still very happy that we've overcomed all of it ! :D
I Love You ! (:

Cecilia : Baby ,
After this one and a half years I've known you,
we've begun to accept each others temper and attitude.

I've been so used having you around calling me "baby".
That, when you're not around to call me that, I really feel very weird.
Although, I know that sometimes it's my fault for finding fault in you,
but you know me .. My stubborn attitude overcomes me.
I really want to thank you for putting up with my sucky attitude all this time,
and always forgiving me for whatever bad things I've said or did to you.

& I'm so glad we've finally cleared up all our misunderstandings.
Baby, I love yooooouuuu !

Shirley : Er zi ,
I know we've drifted apart, & I really don't knw what to say .
Although sometimes, it's really very 'xin tong' to see that you're closer to other people
& not me anymore, but I've learnt not to be selfish.
It's for you to choose whoever you want to be with.
Being with you really taught me alot of lessons to be a better person.
& I really cherish the times we had together :D
I miss you always running around calling me ' paapaa ! '

&& I hope you'll still rmb me as your #1 papa (:
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