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Tuesday, June 3, 2008
This morning, on the phone with Buddy.

Angeline ' I want to revamp my room '
Andy ' Like how ? '
Angeline ' I want to change my bed first ! '
Andy ' Like what ? Hellokitty bed ahs !? '
Angeline ' Singapore also don't have . '
Andy ' Then import lah ! '
Angeline ' Expensive ley ! '
Andy ' Nvm , I help you pay ! Just buy only ! '
Angeline ' Aiyoh. Don't work this kind of job la. '
Andy ' I must work then got money , then earn alot of money , then buy your hellokitty bed give you . '


Buddy, you're the 3rd best xD

Went to see a doctor for my lips,
& the doctor told me I had an allergy.
Allergy to ? Allergy to my own saliva.
Omgwtfxssxzs :(
& she said it's for life.
Like what Tzr said, I just have to accept it .

After seeing the doctor, headed down to Toa payoh :)
& there's this place over there selling hellokitty cosmetics ! xD
I likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Jia hui's blog :

"then me and Angeline headed to J8,
the others went to AMK.
me and Angeline was like walking around aimlessly..
then we stopped by Sakae to have tea-break.
then we got her things..
then we went to the pasar malam to get more stuff.
yes, the things we got were like 98% hellokitty.
omfg, one day w/o kitty buys proves Angeline will have kitty withdrawals.
lol. "

Going back to hostel in like, 10 seconds.

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