The only thing harder then walking away ;
is never looking back

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yesterday ;

Headed home at six for A's birthday celeb.

Wee & Wei Wen came to pick me up at eight & off to K's place.

Blasted their phones like crazy,
but neither one of the pork couple woke up.

Waited at the void deck all the way till elevenPM.
& finally, a message from K : ' Good morning '

It took them a solid half an hour to prepare and come down.

Aftermath, cut cake and sang birthday songs. Hilarious.

& down to Cineleisure for desserts

Wee wee sent me home after that.

Lastly, Happy birthday Shun Hong :)

I want to thank Gf for the HelloPanda !
That day, my msn nick read ' Angeline wants to eat Hello Panda ! '
& being really sweet, she got it for meeeeee :D
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