Because we are what we are
& sometimes that's not enough.

Friday, August 29, 2008
Camp was awesome.
Our team, Jjang, won $200 for best food award !

Nat : " Hey people of the best team Jjang. Thanks alot for making the camp fun. I have learnt alot from this camp. Thank you Cq and Daryl for teaming me up with Ivan to work with Mr Sinma. Willie and Wei Yi you guys helped the team a great lot in the interior and concept . And the two G's that helped us in the dressing. Especially Hee Jin and Angeline for the costume. Deborah, although you were not in our team thanks for going out with us, having fun at night playing werewolf. Hehe. Last but not least thank you Miss Selena for giving us your guidance and care for us, helping us video what we did in the camp. Rest early guys, lets work hard and promote to next year together :] From your very own Nat aka Ah Ong. "

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