Speak your mind,
even if your voice shakes.

Saturday, September 6, 2008
"The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care."

I've a number of things to blog about.

i) Reply to Stephanie Seah's post on _ _ .
It doesn't really matter, you know. Since she wants to be childish then let her be.
Personally, I find it tiring to hate someone. So I'd rather pretend she's not there.
Though when sometimes, I look at her I still can't believe that she would actually do this to me. Well, this is life. & Speaking about fake ? She herself should know, right ? Lol.
Anyway, thanks for helping me speak out. But, really, it's okay.

ii) My muscles are aching all over.
Due to too much baby-carrying yesterday, I guess ?
Haven't seen Baby Slyvester for almost more then 3 months & he has grown , huge !

Carried Slyvester from my home all the way till Junction 8 yesterday ! Heavy !

iii) Yesterday.
Over @ Kend's place.

You know, you guys are more then what I'd ever ask for :)

I love you girls !

I'm addicted to words
but, they're useless.
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