You'll never know what you had,
till it's gone.

Friday, September 19, 2008
Tricia's over at my place, doing naughty stuff :/

Took out all my past diaries & autograph books to read just now.
All those little memories, all the way up till primary one !
So naive, so adorable ! ( I KNOW VERY BHB, BUT REALLY VERY CUTE LOR ! )

Remember those short little poems
we used to write during primary school ?
" 2 in a taxi, 2 little kissies, 2 years later, Mr & Mrs ! "

& I can't believe I used to be
140cm in primary 5 !

Tricia cannot stop disturbing me now la ! T_T
Stop laughing at me la, qin ai de ! :(

I want to tell you how I'm feeling but I dont know where to start.
Why would something so easy, be so hard to do?
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