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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm so so so pissed.

This week's homeleave is five days !
& My homeleave got cut !
Guess what's the reason !? " Improper outfit "

I got caught outside Gracehaven with Tricia last week.
I was wearing a spag and skirt.
Well, it was during my homeleave hours.
& I don't think there's a rule stating that
we're supposed to wear collared-tee
even when we're out on homeleave?

And I was cut for what
I was wearing during my homeleave hours ?

Unreasonable much ?

Or was it because I wore it back to Gh ?
But, when I got 'caught' and U.Raymond told me to go back,
I said " I go and change first "
U.Raymond said " Nvm, just go back "

And now I'm getting cut for that !?
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