Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Though sometimes you really make me feel like slapping you,
but you're a really good friend.

Still remember the first time I met you in school,
both of us sibei don't like each other.
After that I made you hate me even more,
when I whacked your sister. Lol.

Don't know why suddenly we became on talking terms.
& When you didn't come to school,
I would ask Wei Jie whether you died already or not.

After about 3 weeks later, I was washing the big dustbin in Gracehaven.
You walked in, and I was stunned.

Slowly, we started writing notes.
And everytime I saw you in Gh you would shout " aye, braces ! ho bo ! "
& when I went inside A blk's T.O.R you'd be the one,
who's always there entertaining me.

After you absconded, everytime I went to A blk,
it seemed so quiet. There wasn't your loud & noisy voice anymore.

You told me you were going to surrender,
& I kept telling you I wanted to meet you before you surrendered,
but until today I still didn't get to see you.

Anyway, I'm really happy for you for finally winning over Ying ying's heart.
& Don't worry, I'm sure she'll wait for you ! :D

Lastly, limpei really sibei miss you.
Take good care of yourself hor !
We will wait for you to come out !
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