I honestly have no idea what it is about you,
that makes me try so hard.

Monday, December 1, 2008
Met up with Jhui to catch up.

You're the only one whom I can share all my secrets with,
whom I can trust and rely on.
Even after four months of quarelling, we still got back together.
We can even talk about what we talked behind each others back !
And this friendship, is like no other.
Luv you b'iatch !

Caught the movie ' Wild Child ' as well ! :D
Ohmigosh, it was so awesome.
But we had to leave halfway as we had to rush back to Gh for rehearsal.

Well, mime was soooo gooood !
I think we had the best performance ! :D Yay to us !
& Imy, but do you?
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