I'm caught between perfect lies
& an impossible dream.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Picnic @ Pasir ris park with,
Jiahui, Cecilia, Dave, Cassandra, Gim Boon, Jiemin, Desmond, Raven & Jiaxing.

Though the weather decided to turn us down,
we ended up having a new couple ! :DD

The glittery stuff reads "Will You Be Mine ?"
As she walks in, he holds her hands and asks her "Will you be my girlfriend?"

After much thinking & persuasion, she said "Okay "

The new happy couple ! :D

& all the other couples come in and chup ji ka with them, hehe (:

Last but not least, I want to congratulate the new coupleeeee :D

Last long , and you better treat my Gucci with tender loving care okay ! (:
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