So here's to teenage romance,
and never knowing why it hurts like hell.

Sunday, December 21, 2008
Slept damn early ystd night as I wasn't feeling well.
Luckily, I felt btr when I woke up this morning.
Or else I wouldn't have been able to attend Sophia's wedding.

Wake up call from Jiahui at eight & she came over to my place.
Washed up, prepared, & headed over to Trinity methodist church !
First time I'm attending a church wedding, I think ;/

Congratulations Sophia & Kenny !
May you forever shower each other with kisses, hugs,
& most importantly love that will last for a lifetime.

After the ceremony,
Jiahui & I headed back to our own cribs to change.
Met her up at Bishan, and to Queensway to get our studs.

Shasha & Shafiq came over as well.

Then, we headed over to Telok Blangah & met up with Jeslin Tang.

And all of us finally got the piercings we wanted.
&& Jiahui finally got her septum done !
I was supposed to get it done tgt with her, but you'know .. timid me ;/
I swear she looked as though she was having fits laa !
Okay, a little exaggerating. But, yeah. It was damn freaky can !?

Bus-ed down to Esplanade,
met up with Smallboy, Chucky & co.
Slacked around & pool-ed.

Home Sweet Home @ 10 ! :D
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