I look at you & want to tell you,
but I'm scared that if I do it will ruin what we have.

Saturday, December 27, 2008
Supposed to meet up with Germaine & co.
But change of plans as they wanted to play basketball.
And, you know you know, me & basketball just don't go well tgt :X Ha.

Instead, headed to Chinatown with momsy.

Shopped around and bought random acessories.
Wanted to get dresses but nothing caught my eye. Tsk.

Momsy went to meet a cilent & I headed over to Hougang.
Met S there ! & J came along as well.
While we were leaving Hougang, saw G's bike!
So, called D up.

Went over to fetch her & back to Hougang.
Met up with G & friends. Pool-ed.

Separated from D & G.
Went to ta pao Mc's and the girls came over.

Washed up & changed.
Then, headed out for a ride with YW, G & D, AL & co.

Over to Whisky for prata & the guys were tired so, back home.

J & S are sleeping like pigs now.

I don't know why, it seems so weird when I don't get your call before I sleep.
It just d o e s n ' t f e e l r i g h t .
I guess it's becoming a habit that I have to hear your voice before I go to sleep every night.
Oh my, what's becoming out of this friendship ?

Guess I'm just scaring myself. It's impossible, Angeline ! *Slaps self*
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