But you see,
that when I shut my eyes,
I meet another me,
she sings to me sweet lullabies and fantasies.

Friday, December 26, 2008
Worst christmas ever.

Everyone was busy partying the night away whilst,
I stayed home on the phone with Xuan till four.

Woke up with festive wishes from the family.
Relatives came over to celebrate Christmas, as well as Granny's birthday.

Happy Birthday Grandma !

Met Alvin, Jason, Jonathan Tan, Ice & Sis over @ Amk.
It's been months since I stepped into Amk, & exactly a year since I last saw them.
Sis is getting prettier, and the guys are getting more & more good lookin' too ! Lol.

Slacked at the voiddeck and talked about,
how things used to be & how we've all changed.

"Kenny, You very ugly."
This sentenced had them laughing the entire day.

Over to Virtual Land for basketball, Rock Fever, Initial D & Puzzle Bobble.
I kept complaning that I was hungry, so they gave in.

Sis wanted to dine at Ichiban & I wanted Mc's.
But in the end, we settled down @ Nebo !

After filling our tummy's, we headed over to Gsc for dota !
Then momsy came to fetch me home.

I miss the times you guys would come over to my place almost everyday,
just cause I always complained I was bored alone at home.
10 + people crowded in my room, 6 people on 1 bed.
We could talk about anything under the sun; e v e r y t h i n g.
Daily heart-to-heart talks kept us close.
But, that was back then.

Though we're not as close as how we used to be anymore,
I want you guys to know that you'll forever remain close to my heart.
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