If only reality would stop breaking my heart.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

School has been getting a lil more interesting lately. *Winkwink*
Sadly, there aren't much eye candies this year ! Tsk ;/

Hello, Angeline. You're going to school to study, not oogle at guys ! Lol.
Study, Angeline, study !

Why do I keep running from the truth,
All I ever think about is you.
You got me hypnotized, so mesmerized.

Someday, you'll see things for what they really are.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Chu Er,

Over to Grandma's place in the morning.

Was looking at the pictures in Grandma's show case,
and I saw these ...

(Spot me ! :D)

Omgggggg, look at my swimming costumeeee!
& look at that hairstyle and faceeeeeee. Coolioxzxzxs.

My two little cousin's who migrated to Aussie years back.
R.I.P Qian hua :'(

Headed over to Yishun with the family, Aunty & Uncle + Grandparents.

Bai nian, bai nian !
Ang bao come come come ;X

The angbaos I've recieved within these two days,

I know very little laaa, tsk.

Going to wash up & change and head down to meet Gucci & D alrdy.


Nobody can take something away from you unless you let them.

Take a picture of this moment,
just to make sure you never end up
making the same mistake again

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Was very very touched when I recieved so many textes
about where I am , and what happened to me.

Nothing happened to me !
It's just that my phone died on me, and I forgot to on it.

Lee Yun Xuan, Lim Jie Min, Chia Lee Ching,
Thanks for all the concern from you guys.
I didn't expect all of you to be so worried
when I just didn't on my phone for 45mins ! ;/

Esp, Xuannie laaa :)

C L J Y ,
I wish I could talk things out with you too.
But the things you said & do behind my back, really turns me off.
One side you're telling me that you wish we could make up,
on the other side you're telling __ that I'm very fake? Very kua zhang?
& You told __ you don't like her to be with me ? Lol.
I really don't get you.
I do miss those times we had together, but what is it you're really trying to do?
Can you just come straight to the point.
Yah, calling you 'Cecilia' is really weird.
But what's the point of calling you 'Baby' if it doesn't mean anything?
I really really really want an explanation from you, but will it help ?

Everyone said you changed, but I never felt you did.
You never changed, not at all ....

Things will never be the same again , never.

it's so much easier to say you're mad
than say you're hurt.

Though we didn't really meet much this homeleave,
but don't worry ! Wo mei you wang ji ni okay ! :D

Lunched @ one of my aunt's places,

Daddy fetched me over to Cck after lunch.

Met up with Dave & Desmond, & waited for Jiemin to come.
Compared angbaos : I've the least ! Tsk.

Waited for the guys to finish they're very sinful ice creams,

& took a bus down to Teck ping's place !
It's been ages since I've seen her, missed her so much (L)

Thanks for being such a good listening ear all these while.

For standing by me, for just being by my side.

Dave Chua Jun Jie,
I really don't know what is happening to the both of us these few days either.
Time is running out, I don't want things to stay like that.
I tried to talk to you just now, but maybe, I'm just too insensitive.
Sorry for being annoyed with you.
I don't know if I can still fufil the promise I made to you,
but I'll try my best. Dui bu qi, again ...

Both of you, bu yao chao jia le laaaaa ! :)

Over to another of my aunt's place for dinner at night,
& home sweet home.

/ You're not even mine and I'm scared to lose you.