it's so much easier to say you're mad
than say you're hurt.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Though we didn't really meet much this homeleave,
but don't worry ! Wo mei you wang ji ni okay ! :D

Lunched @ one of my aunt's places,

Daddy fetched me over to Cck after lunch.

Met up with Dave & Desmond, & waited for Jiemin to come.
Compared angbaos : I've the least ! Tsk.

Waited for the guys to finish they're very sinful ice creams,

& took a bus down to Teck ping's place !
It's been ages since I've seen her, missed her so much (L)

Thanks for being such a good listening ear all these while.

For standing by me, for just being by my side.

Dave Chua Jun Jie,
I really don't know what is happening to the both of us these few days either.
Time is running out, I don't want things to stay like that.
I tried to talk to you just now, but maybe, I'm just too insensitive.
Sorry for being annoyed with you.
I don't know if I can still fufil the promise I made to you,
but I'll try my best. Dui bu qi, again ...

Both of you, bu yao chao jia le laaaaa ! :)

Over to another of my aunt's place for dinner at night,
& home sweet home.

/ You're not even mine and I'm scared to lose you.
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