One smile can speak all the words you will never hear.

Sunday, February 1, 2009
Finally, out for homeleave again.
I missed my bed. Ha.

Supposed to go for a pinic at botanic gardens with the clique,
but so many people's homeleave got burnt :( Tsk.

Two more weeks to valentines day, but yet I'm the least excited.
Valentines day should be celebrated with your loved one, but me, is still single. Aww.

Don't plan on getting a bf soon though. Single life's kinda fun :)
But I don't really like the feeling that no one cares about me!
( Mutual friends don't count ! ) Lol.

Okay, enough of those alrdy.

Oh yeah ! My classmates cannot believe I'm actually from hostel.
Karabo says I look like those goody-goody kinda girl. Haha.

I find it quite amusing how they get so amused. LOL.

I think you're really cute too.
But, I'm prolly not the kinda girl you think I am.
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