Sunday, January 11, 2009
Was initially supposed to go to Youth service to accompany Jhui today,
but went to Jaqueline's birthday bbq celebration instead. Sorry Luv ! ;/

Met up with Dave @ Outram mrt & took the train down to Pasir ris together.
Coincidentally, saw Guanyi there as well.

Went over to the bbq pit together.
Desmond, Raven, Jiaxing & Jonathan were over there already ! Fast.

Slacked around & saw many people flying kites.
I wanted to fly too!
Thus, Dave accompanied me over to the shop to get kites.
Hellokitty kite for me & Doraemon kite for him ! Hahaha.

Tried flying the kite while waiting for the rest to arrive.
Xuannie arrived and came over to join us.

Got bored of the stupid kite after awhile cos' it couldn't fly :(

Then, Dave & I decided to go over to Mc's as I was craving for fries.
Back to the pit after getting fries & drinks.
Jiemin arrived. And after awhile, Cassandra & Gim boon came too.

Slacked, slacked, slacked.
Went for a stroll with Dave & we went to get waterguns !
Screaming around & shooting each other like little kiddos, in public.
I know, I know. Damn childish.
But who cares as long as we had fun, right D ? :D

Finally, after waiting for soo long ! It's time to cute the cake.
The mermaid cake definetely put a big smile on Jacqueline's face.

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to Jaqueline, happy birthday to you!"

Dave & Ah song started smashing the cake at Jaqueline's face,
and the whole place was like havoc.
Everybody screaming & running around,
looking like they've not showered for ages from the cake stains.
Damn funny, I swear.

Played with lightsticks for a little and went off.

Mrt with Dave, Jiemin & Xuannie.
Alighted at cityhall with Xuannie and bid our goodbyes.

& Xuannie to sent me home.
So, I accompanied him to the busstop.

Thanks Xuannie, you know you-da-best la.
& Four more days to one month ! :D
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xuannie said...

those was the times..
i miss them