Nothing worthwhile is ever easy,
& nothing easy is ever worthwhile.

Friday, January 9, 2009
In Gracehaven using the new computer's now.
& Uncle Raymond is right beside me now.
. . .
Oh, He just left. Hahaha.

Yay ! Gracehaven has computers with internet now :)

It would've been our 7 month anniversary yesterday, if we were still together.
All I can say is,
All those months, I've already done .. more than enough.
I'm sorry for not trying any harder.

I'm sorry for letting you go.

It still seems like it was just yesterday when you were right beside me.
Everything seems so vague. I can still see your face so clearly in my mind.
I thought it wouldn't be that hard to let you go.
But everytime my friends suddenly mention you,
or somebody related to you, everything just comes right back.

A part of me still misses you ...
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