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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Chu Er,

Over to Grandma's place in the morning.

Was looking at the pictures in Grandma's show case,
and I saw these ...

(Spot me ! :D)

Omgggggg, look at my swimming costumeeee!
& look at that hairstyle and faceeeeeee. Coolioxzxzxs.

My two little cousin's who migrated to Aussie years back.
R.I.P Qian hua :'(

Headed over to Yishun with the family, Aunty & Uncle + Grandparents.

Bai nian, bai nian !
Ang bao come come come ;X

The angbaos I've recieved within these two days,

I know very little laaa, tsk.

Going to wash up & change and head down to meet Gucci & D alrdy.


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