Take a picture of this moment,
just to make sure you never end up
making the same mistake again

Tuesday, January 27, 2009
Was very very touched when I recieved so many textes
about where I am , and what happened to me.

Nothing happened to me !
It's just that my phone died on me, and I forgot to on it.

Lee Yun Xuan, Lim Jie Min, Chia Lee Ching,
Thanks for all the concern from you guys.
I didn't expect all of you to be so worried
when I just didn't on my phone for 45mins ! ;/

Esp, Xuannie laaa :)

C L J Y ,
I wish I could talk things out with you too.
But the things you said & do behind my back, really turns me off.
One side you're telling me that you wish we could make up,
on the other side you're telling __ that I'm very fake? Very kua zhang?
& You told __ you don't like her to be with me ? Lol.
I really don't get you.
I do miss those times we had together, but what is it you're really trying to do?
Can you just come straight to the point.
Yah, calling you 'Cecilia' is really weird.
But what's the point of calling you 'Baby' if it doesn't mean anything?
I really really really want an explanation from you, but will it help ?

Everyone said you changed, but I never felt you did.
You never changed, not at all ....

Things will never be the same again , never.
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